Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve....

Well, can you believe 2009 is almost over? David and I are sitting here amazed at how quickly another 365 days have flown by - it seems to get faster and faster the older we get. 2009 has been amazing - we're pretty sure it's been the best year we can remember. The birth of our first-born is reason enough for the best year of our life - but this year has been full of many abundant blessings which we'd surely run out of room listing here. God is ever faithful and good to us - we are here because of his mercy and grace and praise him for a wonderful year.

Just a tiny few of the many highlights of 2009:

The birth of Catherine Ellis Cain - becoming a Mommy and a Daddy
Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary
The marriage of my brother and his wife, Kim
Our jobs
Watching dear friends welcome precious little ones to the world
Standing beside dear friends on their wedding day
Seeing God's mercy and grace each and every day
Celebrating 31 yrs, 26 yrs, and 8 months of life between the 3 of us
Cain and Emma and the constant, faithful companionship they bring
The prayers and support of our families as we've learned to become a family

Our hopes for the New Year:

Peace on Earth
Quality time with family and friends
Good health
Dreams coming true for our friends and loved ones

May this New Year bring you everything you have hoped for - may God grant you the mercy and sufficient grace to see you through the hard times, allow you to celebrate the good times, and look with optimism to the future.

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