Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Most Popular.....

Catherine Ellis certainly wins that category in our families! We're having so much fun watching our families love and spoil (!!) our little one. She's already had two very big Christmas celebrations and Santa hasn't even made it to town yet! Christmas is certainly not about how many gifts you give or receive, but it's a fun part of it. What we've most enjoyed is spending time with our loved ones and experiencing the joy of Christmas through our child's eyes.

We had our Cain family Christmas this past weekend in Jasper - we were on the go most of the weekend which is unusual for our Jasper visits - but Catherine Ellis loved every minute and Gran and Pop had a great time showing her off. Friday night we had a church dinner, Saturday was our Christmas and Great Aunt Rita's 60th birthday celebration and Sunday we had church. I took over 130 pictures, so I'll spare you and pick the best ones!

Pop and Catherine Ellis

F is for FUN!

My first snow globe

Future pianist

Oh wait, another gift for me?

I'm overwhelmed with all my new toys! Thank you Gran & Pop!

Meet my elephant - children in Africa designed her - isn't she cool?

Quiet please, I'm reading my book

Thank you Gran, Pop, and Aunt Stace!

My next visitor was Mommy's best friend and my Aunt Wren (and Uncle Jason!!). We have been looking forward to their visit since we last saw them in April! They came over Tuesday night and had dinner and brought more presents for Catherine Ellis - I'm telling you this child is not lacking in the love department! We had such a great time and can't wait to see them again - thank you for driving so many hours to see us! We love you both!

My first bible from Godmother Wren

I love you Aunt Wren and Uncle Jason - come see us again soon!

And yesterday my Auntie B and Uncle C came to visit!! Boy did we have a good time! They also loved on me and brought me presents galore - see for yourself! I love you Auntie B and Uncle C!

Yay for Auntie B and Uncle C visiting me!

You mean all of this is for me?

Learning how to use a hammer

Catherine Ellis and Auntie B

My two teeth (look closely on the bottom, which also explains all the drool on my shirt)

Looking at Auntie B's gift

Uncle C what did you get?


Having a good time (and laughing at Daddy!)

I love my greats!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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