Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love at first sight ....

When I say we have a mild obsession in our house with cozy coupes, oh boy do we! Catherine Ellis has never loved a toy or any object (maybe her cat from Aunt Sara and her blanket from Aunt Michelle M. that she sleeps with every night ) like she LOVES the cozy coupe. It was honestly love at first sight ..... their first meeting was at school and she's been head over heels since! Here are a few pics from her first encounter with cozy:

Catherine Ellis & Josie with their first cozy coupe encounter

She has so much fun and is always so unwilling to leave school - I have to bribe her most days, either with promises of seeing Dada or with juice - because of the cozy coupe that we bought her one. Note to self: Buying the toy that your child is obsessed with only makes the obsession worse. Duh Megann and David. However, we love hearing her squeal with glee and laugh and have the time of her life with her beep, beep (this is what she calls her cozy coupe) that it's well worth her having a mild obsession for now.

We've had the car for almost a month and this Sunday David finally had an opportunity to put it together - you would have thought Uniquah from the Backyardigans had just shown up at our front door - she was beside herself that her very own, pink cozy coupe had appeared in her living room - check it out:

Admiring Daddy's handiwork

Testing the door - by far my favorite part of the car

Getting out ...

Oh yeah, digging the cozy coupe

Back in .. I don't stay out for long

Ready for some cruising

Thank you Dada - I think I might let you finish up the back end of the coupe now

You'll notice the back is missing and the steering wheel is not locked in yet - but she couldn't resist!

So this week she and her Daddy have been having a ball in the driveway after school - Catherine Ellis loves a good thrill and Daddy pushes fast and furious - I can hear her squealing with joy when I'm inside!

Getting ready for racing with Daddy

And she's off!


Now, who could resist this face?

Hope everyone has a great week and a safe Labor Day weekend!

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