Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh the Places You'll Go ....

We've had so much fun the past two weekends - last weekend was Catherine Ellis's very first trip to Pump It Up for Madeline Solomon's 3rd birthday party and this weekend a trip to Wonderful, Wonderful Camp McDowell!

Catherine Ellis loves to stay on the go just as much as we do - so filling our weekends is not hard nor unusual for us - we stay on the road at least 2-3 weekends a month and while sometimes I wish I had more time at home, the other part of me loves living life - we think there is no better way to enjoy life than to spend it with friends, family and enjoying the great outdoors!

We'll start with Pump It Up! First of all, Madeline has got to be the cutest birthday girl I've seen - she was dressed as Dorothy and her birthday party was Wizard of Oz - which she LOVES!

Madeline's birthday invite - isn't she precious?

We've missed Madeline's other birthday parties, so we were thrilled we were able to attend - Catherine Ellis had a wonderful time and I got quite the workout. I also learned my lesson - when David offers to come along and help - I'll be taking him up on it! I had no concept of the amount of work it would be to jump, carry, climb, slide and tumble around with a 16 month old. Thank goodness for the Cozy Coupe so I could catch my breath! We also got to catch up with some of our Auburn friends that we don't get to see often - it was so wonderful to see the Petersons and Vaughns - sure wish you guys lived closer! Thank you Madeline for inviting us, sweet girl!

Tricia & CE enjoying the slide (and giving Mommy a break!)

The latest obsession .... the cozy coupe!

The basketball bouncy - a favorite!

A natural at basketball - just like her Daddy!

Meeting Owen for the first time - CE loves babies!

Getting to know one another ..

Sharing the love ...

Cozy couping with Henry!

Thank you Madeline - I had the best time!

This weekend we headed to Camp McDowell to reunite with some of my favorite people and to enjoy Tillers - my favorite place on earth. Catherine Ellis has been to Camp a couple of times, but never in the summer when she could enjoy the hiking and water! So off to Tillers we went. What a gorgeous day!

Rocking on the porch in my McDowell tee ..

I love Camp McDowell!

Ready for the hike - it was HOT so CE wasn't too excited yet!

Ah, Tillers how we love thee!

Preparing for the ride back up

Relaxing with the ladies - thank you Carter, Jules and Maggie for a great weekend!

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