Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

23 Fabulous things ...

Better late than never right? Here are 23 fabulous things Catherine Ellis is up to .... I think with 24 months I'll have to find another creative way to talk about what she's up too - these lists are getting harder to make!
March 21, 2011
Here we go baby girl:

  • you talk in complete sentences

  • there is nothing you won't say - you can repeat ANYTHING

  • you are super independent ... you want to put your jacket on, buckle your car seat, brush your hair, put on your shoes, walk down steps alone, etc.

  • everything is 'mines' - everything ...

  • you sing ALL the time - sometimes we know what you're singing, others we don't

  • you are a dancing queen, anytime a beat comes on, you're on it!

  • you LOVE music. I know I've said this for months, but you truly have your Daddy's love of music. What I'm trying to do is to teach you to love Madonna and Indigo Girls .... Daddy tries to teach you that my music is yucky, so far you agree with your Daddy.

  • you are still excited to see us even if it's only been an hour

  • your bed is all the way down on the final level .... so far no more jumping incidents

  • you love your baby dolls ... they all have names: baby sister, bone (?), sallie and baby william

  • you're delighted with the time change - outside is still a favorite

  • you don't really care for your milk in the mornings any more ... you're too busy 'playing mama'

  • the past month you've become even more attached to Mama .... it's so fascinating to watch you understand without really understanding what is about to happen

  • you finally recognize that Mommy has a baby in her belly ... however, we're positive you have NO clue what this really means:)

  • you are a born leader - this is a really nice way of saying you are super bossy - your poor Daddy .....

  • your facial expressions are hysterical ... you are your Mama made over in that department

  • the meltdowns have increased ... terrible twos we guess? You will have a meltdown over the tiniest thing ....

  • Mexican or aka 'eat chips mama' is your favorite thing to do

  • your newest song is "you are my sunshine" - compliments of your weekend with Meme

  • you can count to 10 easily

  • you can sing your ABC's well enough for us to know that's what you're singing

  • potty training is still going well -we're not pushing you into it. But you certainly know the difference between using the potty and wearing a diaper

  • you wear a 6 in shoes, 24 months/2T in clothes and have long little legs .... you can reach the bottom elevator buttons now....this thrills you beyond belief

  • still not much hair and it's blond and shows some sign of curl from time to time

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him -

Psalm 127:3

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