Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Catherine Ellis and I had a girls weekend - an impromptu one, but a great one! David has gone to New Orleans for Mardi Gras the past couple of years and he went again this year. My mom was going to join us to help out (it's been a rough week for the Cains, CE has been sick again, out of school, I've had events, etc.) and bless her heart - she got sick Friday afternoon just as she was leaving school with the stomach virus (the same thing we had earlier this week!). So needless to say, Meme did not join us - the Cains would be just fine if the stomach virus never visited us again. This is the third round this fall/winter.

So, we switched gears and had a good ole' girls weekend! First on the agenda was "chips mama" - Catherine Ellis loves cheese dip and chips at Mexican restaurants and we typically go on Thursday nights a couple of times a month. Well we missed this past Thursday because I worked late and she was just having a fit (literally) to 'eat chips Mama'. So off we went to El Caz - a great Mexican joint behind our neighborhood. She was elated and it hit the spot:

Eating chips mama

Gotta wash the cheese off - bath time is still a favorite!

Out like a light!

Next we hung out and just did normal daily kinds of things - this is what we're up to most weekend mornings in our house:

Feeding the baby - she's going to be a great big sis!

Cooking for the baby ....

A little potty time while reading Elmo ...

Dance Party ... the Cains love some dance party

Driving the buggy and helping Mama shop at Publix

Then Aunt CoCo came to visit - Catherine Ellis was OVERJOYED to see her - it's been a while! So we ventured out in the pouring rain to lunch at one of our favorite local places and did a bit of window shopping ... thank you for coming to visit Aunt CoCo - I sure do love you!

Posing (saying CHEESE) with CoCo

Such a big girl ... I can hardly believe this is our tiny infant born almost 2 years ago!

Little bit of window shopping ...

Saturday night we went to play with the love of Catherine Ellis's life - Baby Illiam (William)! We had such a good time. It was good to get out again since we'd been housebound with the weather for most of the day. They play so well together and she is getting great practice at being a big sister. She adores him and loves bossing him around - he's a great sport! Thank you Baby Illiam for a fun play date!

Showing Baby William how to play ... please notice she's sitting in the infant bumbo ...

Entertaining the crowd ...

Having a blast with all William's baby toys ...

My sweet, precious baby girl! Mama sure has treasured her time with you this weekend! Here's to many, many more girls weekends with the joy of my life!

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  1. (lurker)

    I just have to comment about your daughter sitting in the bumbo. My son is 4.5 and he still sits in the bumbo :) lol. For some reason he likes to sit in it. I'm surprised that he still even remotely fits into it. And he loves that when he gets up it gets stuck to his bum. He laughs as he tries to wiggle out of it. lol.

    You have a beautiful daughter :)