Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, March 28, 2011

Preparing for Baby Sister!

We spent much of this past weekend celebrating and preparing for baby sister! We've made a lot of progress of Catherine Ellis's big girl room. David and I love antiques and CE's new room is full of them! We found a dresser we love from the 1920's on our way back from Gulf Shores a couple of weekends ago, a night stand at the antique store in our neighborhood and a beautiful bed from a board member that I work with. It all fits pretty nicely and we are pleased. The bedding has been the hardest to choose -we want it to be cute and girly, but not too little girl and not too big girl. We finally found something Sunday and hope that she will love it as much as we do. We've left her room a bright blue and the bedding is lots of different colors that tie in nicely. David's Dad commented on how blue the room was and I assured him that I could 'pink it up' in no time:)

Our plan is to move her next weekend - her 2 year old birthday weekend. We're going to make a really big deal out of her being a big girl (sigh) and hope for the best. We've spent weeks talking about her bed girl bed and she is already very comfortable in referring to every thing in the room as 'mines'. I just don't think my nerves can take moving her until after our biggest event of the year next week!

Here are some shots of the room as it's beginning to take shape:

Dresser and mirror - we love the claw feet and the original glass handles

Nightstand - it's a Victorian style and is painted pale green; matches the bedding

The bed and the bedding ... paisley print .. and the picture doesn't do the bed justice, the foot board is just as gorgeous as the head board ....

We've had quite the helper .... here she is carrying her lamp out of PB Kids

Here is the half of the room that's ready ...

Hopefully after this weekend we can show you the rest of the room ... it's coming together nicely!

I also got to celebrate baby sister's upcoming arrival with a group of my fabulous friends! We had a yummy dinner at 26 and baby sister got lots of sweet outfits and things we certainly needed. Thank you to all the lovely ladies that joined me Saturday night. It's so wonderful to have such a rockin' group of women to share this journey with! I'm so blessed to have such caring friends!

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  1. Love the new room!! What a big girl moving to a big bed. The new furniture is beautiful Megann-y'all did a great job! I want to see the other half when you finish. Happy early B'day CE-almost TWO!