Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Down on the Plains

We took the girls to Auburn for Homecoming two weekends ago - it was our first trip with Caroline and Catherine Ellis had not been since she was 16 months old.  We were long overdue!  We headed to Alex City first for some time with Meme and then spent Saturday in Auburn.  It's been a lackluster season for the Tigers, so there was very little traffic, no parking issues and seats galore in the stadium :(

Catherine Ellis attended her first Auburn game that she can remember (she was 6 months old the very first time I took her) and had a BLAST!  I was worried that she would not want to sit still in her stadium seat and we'd hoped to make it to half-time.  Instead we stayed until the 4th quarter and probably would have stayed the entire game if she hadn't been getting sleepy.  She cheered her little heart out and danced and enjoying see Aubie and the marching band.  Thank you to Aunt Kim for the tickets!

  Gearing up for the game!

 Aunt B and Sweet C

Homecoming cutie pies!

Hanging with Uncle C during the game

Me and my girl at the game
War Eagle, HEY!

This was Caroline's first trip to the Plains and let's just say the girl LOVES a tailgate.  She actually fell asleep on the way down and snoozed in the car for 45 minutes or so - that gave her a burst of energy and she was up and at em'!  David stayed back with Caroline while Catherine Ellis and I headed to the game.  He managed to get her to nap again (unheard of!) and by the time we made it  little mama was ready for some tailgating.

Food was her theme for the day - 
what's a good tailgate without awesome food, right?


She was the tailgate joker - entertainer extraordinaire!  It's so fun to watch her little personality come to life.  She kept the tailgate in stitches and managed to eat enough for three toddlers all at the same time! Tailgating was a hit for sweet C!

When she wasn't eating she was entertaining

Little ham in action

Little sister love ...

Maybe not!  
These two can turn it on or off in a flash! 

CE still wakes with the craziest hair!
(note: she slept for almost 2 hours in the RV! Amazing!)

Aunt B and CE

Mama and her girls

We had a wonderful time with Aunt B and Uncle C and the Bendingers post game - it's always so wonderful to go back "home" for a little while.  I only wish we'd be able to stay longer and see more friends - but we'll be back soon enough! 

 CE, Caroline, Dalty and Hello Kitty

Bottoms up!

 Sweet girls! 

It was such a beautiful day - we tried to capture the late evening light around the Ham Wilson Arena - it's such a pretty area to tailgate!

 Mama and her little Tigerettes

 Aunt B with the girls

 Rare family photo (Daddy was a good sport wasn't he?)

 One of many outtakes - I love this one!

 A framer I think!  The Greats with the greats!

Wouldn't be a thrilling day if Daddy didn't do a few air tosses - I love the lighting and if you can see their little faces you can tell they LOVE this - adrenaline rush for them, mini-stroke for Mama!

 Sweet C


Pure joy! 
 What a wonderful day!

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