Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, November 8, 2012


We had a wonderful Halloween - the saying two is better than one really is true:)  We had double the fun this year!  The girls dressed up as Foofa and Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba.  If that doesn't ring a bell it's a children's show on Nick Jr. that is a dance-sing-along type show.  They sing fun songs like "don't bite your friends" to really catchy tunes.  You really should watch an episode if you've not!  Catherine Ellis has been a big fan for a couple of years now and Caroline is starting to catch on - so Foofa and Muno they were!

Muno and Foofa

The big day started with school trick-or-treating with their classmates at Energen downtown.  It was a ton of fun and of course this Mom was along for the ride - and what a ride it was!  Complete chaos, but super fun.  Caroline has never been trick-or-treating (she was 5 months old last Halloween) so this was all new to her, but she LOVED it.  She loved her costume (hat, gloves and all) and loved grabbing candy from bowls and either passing it out to all her friends or stuffing it in her bag (it took her a few minutes to figure out where the candy went).  She put on a show for the Energen employees - she danced in the center of the room, ran all over the place, went from station to station taking candy and helping the employees pass it out.  One employee videoed  her every move - I guess you could say she's gone viral at Energen!  Catherine Ellis was old enough this year to understand Halloween and she too loved it!  I was worried about the costume - the past two years she's not liked dressing up, but this year was different - she was excited from the day the Foofa costume arrived!

 Riding to Energen to trick-or-treat

 Putting on a show for the employees

 Foofa trick-or-treating at Energen

Who me? 

The first bucket of candy - 
by far her favorite

These are my favorite types of pics

Next up were Halloween parties mid-afternoon at their schools and then the Fall Festival at Mommy's workplace.  They had a wonderful time visiting their old stomping ground and seeing their sweet teachers and friends from their time at the YW.  It was so sweet to see how much the girls have missed their first "home away from home."

Caroline's class - Tiny Tots

Swiping food off her friend's plate

Ghost Bowling - sister loved this game!

Joyful about destroying the standing pins

Setting them all upright again

Go Fish

Catherine Ellis with her Go Fish Loot

Caroline and her stolen pumpkin 

Adding loot to her stolen pumpkin

Bobbing for Ducks -  a crowd favorite

Inhaling her first powdered donut

Sweet C has discovered her sweet tooth

 Ring Toss on the witches hat

Face painting

Football Toss

Caroline stealing the footballs

Sweet Foofa

David and Catherine Ellis football tossing

Taking more candy and knocking down more bowling pins
(KRB, this was one sweet Samford Chi O!!)

One of many sweet reunions with YW staff members

After the fall festival we headed to our sweet friends The Browns - the boys go to school with Catherine Ellis and Caroline and the girls are huge fans of Richmond and Stephen.  Their Mommy and Daddy are good friends of ours too so it was super fun to get to spend Halloween evening with them.  The kids played and played, ate yummy food and enjoyed great company.  We look forward to this party every Halloween!  Thank you Browns for hosting us!

Team Brown and Team Cain 

Catherine Ellis and Stephen - two peas in a pod!

Caroline and Stephen 

Look at my sweet little baby in a big girl swing!!

Team Brown and Cain attacking the candy bowl

Best picture of the two of them (out of 200)

heaven on earth for a wee one

Stephen and Catherine Ellis "wrestling"

Last, but not least Catherine Ellis and I dropped by a few dear friends houses and trick-or-treated.  Caroline and Daddy went on home as sweet C had her fill of partying for the day!  Our very last stop was at Archer's house - as most of you will remember he and sweet C are 5 weeks apart and his Mommy is one of my best friends - we love this sweet boy and his family like they were our own!  Catherine Ellis and Archer were pretty smitten to see one another:

Catherine Ellis and precious buddy Archer

All in all we had a fun-filled, crazy and joyous Halloween.  There is nothing better than watching and enjoying holidays with these two - even on just for fun holidays like Halloween I am reminded of how blessed we are.  We had a full day with wonderful friends - new and old - another reminder of how blessed our children are to have the village they have.  God never ceases to amaze me!  Hope you all had safe and happy Halloween's as well!

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  1. Love everything about this post, and the picture of Caroline with the donut is my fav.