Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Catherine Ellis had her first circus experience last Friday and boy was it fun!  She and I went with her school - which is the way to go!  All we had to do was provide transportation and a sack lunch and the rest was all taken care of.  My kind of field trip!

We had a great seats and Catherine Ellis did amazingly well for such a long show (2.5 hours).  All in all a great experience - even if this Mama was a little sad for all the animals - I'll go ahead and admit that I read Water for Elephants and while I know it was based loosely on the circus in the 40's and 50's it still hurts my feelings for those sweet animals that wish they were wild.  I digress.

On a more positive note we walked away only $15 dollars poorer because I stood my ground for not coming home with another light slinging weapon and instead came home with a sno cone tiger for $15. Woot Woot!

 On the edge of her seat with anticipation ....

Our favorite part - dancing elephants!

 Flying ring thing with people inside - lots of daredevils belong to the circus!

Spontaneous Dance Party

Total Enthrallment

Final Celebration
Telling Daddy all about the tigers

Taking a big ole sugary bite - yummo!

More dramatic retelling of the tiger show

What sound do tigers make: ROAR

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