Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clean as a whistle

Catherine Ellis had her first dentist visit a couple of weeks ago and did a great job!  She was so excited about going because they have been studying dental hygiene at school and she loves to brush her teeth (we are taking FULL advantage of this!).  The office was full of toys and fun things to do while we waited.  When they called us back she started to get a bit nervous, but got over it quickly!  It was quick and painless - less than 20-25 minutes for them to clean her teeth, x-ray her and do a quick consultation - my kind of visit!

Her visit culminated with painting her hand print on one of the ceiling tiles in the office - such a cute idea and picking out a toy from the vending machine - how fun.  I don't remember dentist visits ever being this fun for me, but I'm glad they do this now because it makes it so much easier and carefree for children.  She couldn't wait to get to school and show all of her friends her new toothbrush and her "sparkly, clean teeth" - how cute is that?!

Caroline was sick that day, so we head to the dentist next week and I'm super curious to see how a one year old will do with a cleaning, so stay tuned!

Such a big girl!

Having "pictures" taken - she wasn't so sure about the machine at first

All clean and looking good!

A great first visit to the dentist!

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