Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland

It snowed here Thursday January 17th and it was a pretty decent snow for us Southerners - a good 2-3 inches here in the metro area (many spots within a few miles of us didn't have accumulation so we were lucky we had some to play in!)!  Not something we see here very often.  Crazy Alabama winters!  The Saturday before the snow it was 74 degrees!  People had on shorts and four days later it was snowing - good times!

I had to work as we had an event and unfortunately David was home with a sweet, sick baby Caroline (who ended up with the stomach flu for 5 days, that's a whole other blog post) so he and the girls got to enjoy the snow and he took lots of great pictures so I wouldn't feel left out (and y'all wouldn't either!). 

It was Caroline's first snow - she had a good time the few minutes they were out, but she didn't last long.  We don't really buy snow gear so what they had on didn't keep them warm for long, but it was fun to get out and play for a few minutes. 

They are saying there is another possibility for snow again the first part of February - I'll believe it when I see it

 A not so great shot of our house and yard

 Snowball fun!

Pure delight over the snow

 Lobbing a snowball at Daddy!

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