Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dawson's Easter Egg Hunt

We started attending Dawson's Annual Easter Egg Hunt last year and we couldn't wait to go again this year! The weather was not so great - but the rain did finally end and we were able to get outside and have a wonderful time.

This is so much more than an Easter Egg Hunt - it has bounce houses, slides, crafts, rides (train and race cars) and we always see lots of our good friends there.  This year we met up with our friends Marybeth, Ryan and Cyatt (Wyatt).  CE and Cyatt haven't seen each other in a few months  - it was a wonderful reunion!  So fun!

This was Caroline's first year to attend and she soaked it all in - loving every single second!  We can't wait to do it again next year!

Running through the bubbles ... 

C and CE sliding down the bouncy whale slide
(this was C's first bouncy slide attempt - she's a thrill seeker!)

Wyatt and CE reunited 

Waiting to ride!

Riding the race cars

CE and Wyatt driving by their lonesome - 
as CE would say "we don't need any adults, Mommy!"

Action shot of W and CE driving fast!

The whole crew riding - 
C didn't want me to put my arm around her at all!  So independent!

C and Ryan - she was loving the shoulder ride!
(Thank you Ryan!)

How sweet is this?!  

Gearing up for her first Easter Egg Hunt with W and CE - 
she refused to go to her age group's hunt ...

Lining up!

Look at her eggs - she did so well for her first hunt!

CE and her loot - she did great!

C's favorite activity - eating huge sugar cookies and icing

CE making her cookie

Enjoying the fruits of their labor

W and CE - besties!

The Three Amigos!

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