Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Catherine Ellis has lots of prayers these days.  Her favorite is the Lord's Prayer which she recites really well for a three year old (almost four!)!  Check it out:

She also has her very own unique prayers that she says most night - lots of them are giving thanks for things in her life - lots of material things - her fan, her books, her bed.  Most nights she adds Mommy, Daddy and Caroline.  And sometimes she even tells the Lord about the things she's not thankful for.  Like one day a teacher at school made her mad and that night while we were saying our prayers and the things we were thankful for that day she said "I'm thankful for my fan, for my family, for my friends and I'm not thankful for Ms. ______."  It took everything in me not to die with laughter.  I was amazed that she seemed to have a hard time grasping the concept of what "thankful" meant - much more than objects - but she clearly grasped what "not thankful" meant.  She keeps on on our toes.

So here is a special prayer that Catherine Ellis repeated for me one night this week before bath time - don't you just love the mind of a three year old!?

A healthy prayer life involves the ups and downs, good and bad of your day.  Good thing she remembered Santa Claus in there - would hate to leave him out.

Happy Holy Week friends - may we all remember the sacrifice that was made for us. 

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