Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pan Can Run

The Pancreatic Cancer Run is something that we look forward to each year- it's a chance for us to support a dear friend and her family.  Holly and her family so so important to our family!  Her father was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with pancreatic cancer and he's fighting the good fight and doing so well - we are SO proud.  So the Pan Can Run not only allows us as a family to join in the fight against this deadly cancer, it also allows us to raise money for research.  Early detection means a much brighter future with this cancer and the only way we can ensure that is to fund important research.

You may remember we participated in our first Pan Can Run in 2011 and had a blast - they skipped 2012 in order to have it earlier in the year and it turns out February is a great time for a race!  It was very cold that morning, but it didn't stop us from running to support Caraway's Crew!

 William and C all bundled up and ready for a jog

Sweet C - quite the ham! 

 Holly and CE - big buddies!

 Some of Caraway's Crew ...

We got a late start on the Family Fun Run (one mile) because CE dived into the biggest mud puddle at the park within 30 seconds of arriving (not that I was annoyed or anything) and had to go back to the car and change - so most of the runners were gone as we started our run.  CE wanted to run with me - so we started out with the babies in the stroller and CE and I running - she really did so well - then she got tired and I knew the finish line was coming up soon - so I threw her on the front of the stroller (see picture below) and we kept running... and running... and running ... and running .. (you get the picture).... finally we got to a part of Homewood that I knew was a lot further away than a mile from where we started so I asked someone if I just happened to be on the 5K route instead of the Family Fun Run.  Yep, we were on the wrong route.  So, what do you do... you keep running.

I had to slow down a few times to make sure that Caroline hadn't kicked CE off the stroller completely - she was one good, swift kick into her sister's back away from pounding CE into the pavement, but my constant urging and "stop Caroilne, no Caroline, don't kick your sister, Caroline" paid off and CE survived riding, unstrapped to the front of our two person jogging stroller.  You can imagine lots of folks commented on me running with three children under three in my stroller and it was good for the soul I tell ya.  I think it's the only reason I kept running.  I finished the 5K, totally not meaning to run it at all, in 30 minutes with three kiddos - that's three, ten minute miles folks.  This mama was PROUD.

Next it was time to eat - so we played in more puddles and ate lots of food because those babies had worked hard running that race:)  There was live music too - just what us Cain folk love - a good time!

Thank you Holly for allowing us the honor of running the race in your father's honor and fighting the good fight against pancreatic cancer!  We love you all dearly!

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