Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last Day of School - 2K and 4K

At the end of July the girls celebrated the end of their school year as Tiny Tots (2-year-olds) and Sunshine Friends (4-year-olds).  They had a wonderful year with fabulous teachers!

I really enjoyed getting to know the teachers and feeling like I was a part of the class.  I got to do several activities with the girls - field trips, class parties, art activities, etc. and that always makes me feel connected. Rushton is two blocks from my job, so I can run down at any time and pop in to say hello.  This has made all the difference for me as a working Mom!

I am the room parent for Caroline's class so I got to be there for the "end of the year" parties and captured some sweet moments!  Catherine Ellis's class dressed up as their favorite characters.  Funny note: Catherine Ellis told every one she was Super Mom; and I swear I didn't tell her to do this! It was so funny!  We're super blessed to have a child care that we love so much!  Great teachers will change your life:)

 Catherine Ellis dressed up as Super Mom

 Catherine Ellis and her teachers: Erica (L) and Octavia (R)

 Catherine Ellis and the best 4K teacher in the whole wide world!

Caroline and her boyfriend Conner - tumbling on the carpet after the party!

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