Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pearly Whites

The girls had their second dentist check-up at the beginning of August.  They were both pretty pumped about it - then Caroline changed her mind when we arrived.  The waiting room is so much fun  - so it took Caroline's mind off of things - they had a blast playing with a set of teeth and the cars:

Catherine Ellis was up first and she was such a good role model for her sister.  She took her x-rays well and smiled throughout her entire cleaning (which is fast; these folks don't play around - done in under 10 minutes!).

However, Caroline didn't buy a single bit of it.  She's too small for x-rays, but big enough for a good cleaning and instead of smiling throughout the cleaning - she screamed the entire time.  I swear that dental staff is full of angels!  Didn't phase them a bit!

Caroline perked right up at the end when she got her prize for "behaving so well!" - a bouncy ball - which if you know her, you know this is her favorite toy EVER!

All in all everyone's teeth look great - the only thing we needed to work on was dropping the pacifier for Caroline.  Mommy and Daddy knew this day was coming soon, but it certainly hasn't made it any easier.  Dr. Johnson said it was time for it to go.  If we drop it now the damage on her bite will self-correct.  We certainly want that!  So stay tuned for how the visit from the Pappie Fairy went over:)

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  1. I've been wondering how this visit went -- and what Lauten was going to say about your baby vampire and her papi. Good luck with that -- hope it's as easy as it was with CE.
    And oh mercy - those pictures of Caroline screaming had me laughing out loud. So so sorry!