Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Firetrucks and Chicken Fingers

Our favorite twins, Stephen and Richmond turned four with a Firetrucks and Chicken Fingers birthday party on Saturday.  What fun!  This was the first fire station tour the girls have had - they've both been inside the trucks when the it's fire safety week and the firemen bring the trucks around to their school - but the station was a real treat!  Caroline had fretted much of the week about the firetrucks - "they too loud mama" - we had assured her no sirens and boy was she glad there wasn't!

 All ears as they began their firehouse tour....ha!

 The trucks, the trucks - squeals of glee echoed through the station!

 Catherine Ellis in the cab of the firetruck

 Little Mama checking it all out

 Testing the lights

 Group shot - how cute is this bunch!?

The firemen were great - gave a quick tour of the station and then got down to business, touring the trucks, flashing the lights, all that good stuff!  The kids had a blast!  Next we were off to Otey's - one of our favorite places in the world wide world to eat - for chicken fingers and cheese fries.  Yummy!  What a fun birthday party!  We sure love those Brown boys - happy fourth birthday Stephen and Richmond!

 Mr. Tucker and Caroline being silly as usual

 Happy Birthday song and blowing out the candles!

 Me and birthday boy Stephen aka Baby A

Caroline, Catherine Ellis and Richmond having a blast!

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