Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Liles Ladies

Our most favorite Virginians came south for a visit last week and boy were they a sight for sore eyes!  We always love seeing the Liles family and treasure every visit we get - but man does it make us miss them more!

Allison headed south with Pailet and I got to spend some great time with the Sunday night, but it wasn't long enough - each visit always leaves me wishing they were staying around longer. I got to see Pailet right before bedtime and hear all about her recent Disney World trip - all the princesses she met, the fun rides and magic of Disney - and steal a few hugs and kisses before she headed off to dreamland.  Then Allison and I got to have a yummy girls dinner and quality time to catch up.  I needed a good friend session after a hard week and Allison has a way of always making me feel better - no matter the circumstances. Love you sweet friend!

 Aren't they the cutest princesses?

 Mama was SO proud of her outfit - earrings and heels to boot!

 These three are so much fun

AND - we got the best treat ever - it snowed again (in Virginia, not here, thank the Lord!) for the zillionth time and Allison and Pailet got stranded in Birmingham for another day - YAY!  So we had an impromptu dinner and princess party - no better way to kick your week off than a princess party!  We sure missed Hill and Eric, but obviously we Cain ladies (and David!) love us some girl time!

 LOVE this one!

Only thing missing is Allison - thank you for visiting us Pai Pai and Allison - we love y'all!

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  1. Oh mercy, I sure do love you, too, and treasure every moment we have together. I"m already trying to figure out how we can see you again sometime soon.