Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pan Can Run

This was our third year as Pan Can Run participants and it was the best weather day yet!  What a gorgeous day it was for a short run.  Catherine Ellis loves to run so we always bring her along for this one - and honestly she's big enough now that with her and Caroline both in the stroller it's a real haul for me!

The run is a fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research and in honor of Holly's dad, Mike.  We've been praying for Mike for almost five years now and he's done so well!  He's positive and full of hope - with many loved ones lifting up Team Caraway!  We sure love them!

Catherine Ellis was signed up for the one mile fun run, but she wanted to keep going  - imagine that!  Her Daddy was a real trooper and ran with Catherine Ellis - carrying her the last mile and a half - during the 5K. She was SO proud of herself - it was her first 5K and she did really well!  For a four-year-old, she's got mad running skills!

We were too busy having fun so we didn't get a lot of pictures - you'll just have to take our word for it!

 Proud Catherine Ellis and her hero Daddy!

 Caroline and Holly  - had to steal an Instagram pic to get this one!  So cute!

Baby Brooks is getting so big - such a cutie!

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