Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby it's Cold Outside

We got our second snow in two weeks this past Thursday, but this time we were prepared and it was just snow!  YAY!

After two days of school and work being closed/delayed, our snow day actually arrived.  We got home early afternoon from a play date with Archer (thank you again Carmichaels!), took naps and prepared for the snow that seemed it would never arrive.  Finally right before the girls' bedtime it started snowing and it snowed almost 5 inches within two hours - it was amazing!  White, fluffy, soft and gorgeous.  David and I turned off all the lights and pulled the shades up so we could enjoy the beautiful snow - it was as bright as daytime and the snow on the trees was amazing.

 Everyone hard at work on one of our "non-snow snow days" earlier in the week

Play date with Archer - so much fun! And a lifesaver for Mama!

 The snow coming down fast and piling up quickly!

 Finally!  The girls were SO excited to see the snow right before bed!
Emma was too!

 Gorgeous - the sky was so white and bright - it looked like day time at 8:00 p.m. at night.

 Loved this snow covered tree across from our house

 My view from the sofa

The best part was that most of the snow was gone by midday with the temps rising in the 40's.  We all headed back to reality around lunchtime the next day, but not without having some good play time in the snow.  It's unreal that in three weeks time it has snowed 7 inches in Birmingham, Alabama.  Winter time fun for sure!

 Gorgeous blue skies the next morning

 Little mama didn't care for the snow at all - 
this time is was quiet thick and hard to walk in

 The only pictures I got before mama headed back inside 
to enjoy the warmth and comfort of heat

 Smart little girl - enjoying the beauty from inside while we were outside!

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