Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby fever!

The wee Cain ladies have baby fever something fierce! They certainly have a good reason to have the fever because so many friends have had precious little ones as of late.

Joining our sweet village is Parker (Parkah) whom we love deeply!  We can't wait to see her every Sunday at church, we even break into the infant nursery to love on her sometimes!  She has been to visit us several times the past few weeks and the girls love every single second.  I'm not so sure Parker enjoys every second, but she's a good sport for sure!

Little mamas and Parker

I LOVE this picture - Caroline is obsessed with babies - 
she's squeezing her and loving her so hard!

Daddy Cain is a natural - a glimpse of what three might look like!

Sweet Charlie Globetti joined the world a month ago and we sure adore him too.  We visited the Globetti's last week and the fever as raging!  The girls loved holding him.  Catherine Ellis is the perfect age to hold an infant - her arms are long enough and she understands gentleness.  Caroline - well she understands she has a deep obsession with babies - but she's not great at holding them because she's still little and gentle is subjective in her eyes.  HA!  Welcome Charlie - we can't wait to play with you in a few months!

This photo is oozing delight from the Cain wees!

Catherine Ellis is a natural - she is the perfect size and age to hold new babies!

This wee - isn't her fro' amazing!? - she thinks real babies are like baby dolls still - 
but she LOVES them so!

And last, but certainly not least our second niece Lillian Grace Bates was born three weeks ago and she's as precious as they come!  We've not gotten to hold her in person, but have enjoying meeting her through skype!  We can't wait to meet her in a few more weeks!  She's gorgeous isn't she??

Aunt Kim and Lily - just a few hours old!

Proud Uncle Drew

Sleeping beauty!

No wonder the Cain ladies have baby fever - these are the most precious and wonderful gifts from above!

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