Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Down on the Farm

The girls and I took a road trip to North Alabama a few weeks ago to see my Dad.  It was his birthday so we thought we'd spend the day with him.  It has been a while since the girls have been - Caroline is now old enough to enjoy the thrills that a farm brings - cats, tractors, running through the fields, feeding the cows - and was delighted to be able to fully participate.

Dad has lots of animals - especially cats - there are dozens of them running everywhere and Caroline LOVES animals.  If it's an animal - she adores it.  Doesn't matter how big, small, scary, loud - she is in love. So these cats sure got a lot of petting that day.  Feeding the cows was so fun for her to see and try to interact - she didn't understand why cows weren't "pets" that wanted to be petted.

It was a very cold, but beautiful day - we spent a lot of it outdoors.  We also got to see Aunt B and Uncle C and enjoy some time with them.  The girls are already looking forward to another farm trip!

We took a walk through the fields as soon as we arrived - did I mention it was a gorgeous day?!

We love the Greats - Aunt and Uncle C!  Always good for some hugs and fun!

Decked out in full camo - they loved their puffy "farm" jackets!  Aren't they the cutest wees?

Aunt B and Uncle C gave the girls sleeping bags and flashlights for Christmas - they were a huge hit!

Catherine Ellis's shirt says Best Aunt Ever - I'd have to agree! These little ladies sure have the best Aunts ever!

The highlight of the afternoon was feeding the cows - it was SO cold, but the girls were troopers and rode the tractor with Granddaddy to feed the cows - Caroline wanted so very badly to pet a cow.  They were not interested!

Happy birthday to Granddaddy - the big 65!  Please notice the enormous cat that Caroline insisted on having in the photo.

We had a great time - it's always so pretty on the farm - sunsets this time of year are so glorious - the iPhone camera just doesn't do it justice!

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