Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow, snow go away!

As I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from our snow last week, it appears we're about to have another snow event!  While it's pretty to look at the truth is I've never liked snow.  I'm not a cold weather gal - I do like the change of seasons, but being cold is my least favorite feeling - so winter is lost on me.  I've always been so thankful that the snow here was few and far between, but the last few years we've really had plenty.

The bottom line is we Alabamians are not equipped to handle snow - I know the nation had a huge laugh, scratch your heads sense of wonderment about how we got ourselves into the situation we did last week. But it wasn't snow.  It was snow that fell and immediately turned into ice.  Driving on ice in a city that has no plows, salt trucks, etc. isn't feasible.  While our trek home pales in comparison to the stories out there, it wasn't a walk in the park.  

My quick snap of the snow as I was walking to my car - I should have known then that was ICE!

I left work at 11:15 a.m. to get the girls from school and head home.  We weren't prepared in the least - I had on wedges - not great for walking in ice mind you - and a half a tank of gas.  I never imagined we'd be in a live game of bumper cars for four hours - but we were.  We took the longest and flattest route home possible, but the Tahoe and ice just didn't mix.  We finally got stranded on the side of the road and hitched a ride home with a stranger who had a big ole truck with four-wheel drive.  I've never been more thankful for a stranger's kindness. 

Two hours into our four hour commute home - all smiles!

Typically there is a road in front of our house - it was buried in snow!

The gridlock on 65 - I've never been more thankful for not living in the suburbs

David never made it home Tuesday, but finally was able to get out Wednesday afternoon since he had four-wheel drive.  He picked up a friend that was stranded as well - and we had a couple of days of camping out in our cozy house.  It was all fine, we had plenty of food, never lost power, and had each other, but it was a bit scary to realize just how quickly things spin out of control when weather like this hits!

We all felt like this Tuesday night, but were SO glad to be home!

The girls loved playing in the snow - we got a little over 2 inches at the house - and it was the softest, powdery snow I've ever felt.  Great for skiing:)  

Two wees ready to go play in the snow!

 I love this picture for so many reasons!

CE's snow angel

Caroline's snow angel

We got it removed without cutting it, but it came close!

Did I mention how happy we were to see Daddy Wednesday?  We were a bit of a mess without him! He picked up this sweet friend on the way home - she'd been stranded at UAB the night before and we wanted her to be stuck with us if she had to be stuck!

 Brandi and David arriving home!

We did a lot of cooking and eating - what else do you do when you're bored?!  We made some yummy cookies after dinner one night and had a great time making a big ole mess!

After three days of freezing temperatures and lots of quality family time - the sun came out and melted all that beautiful snow - thanks be to God!

David's face sums up how we felt after three days of cabin fever!

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