Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, January 9, 2011

21 months & Happy Baptism Day Anniversary

This time last year you were being welcomed into the Christian community at Camp McDowell and were surrounded by so many sweet friends and family. This year as we celebrate your anniversary - we'll also celebrate your 21 months! Boy how you have changed!

January 9, 2010

A Baptism Anniversary Prayer for Catherine Ellis:

Remember this, Catherine Ellis.

You have been washed

In the saving waters of baptism

And anointed with holy oil.

Place on your head and in your heart

The sign of the cross of salvation.

Loving God,

You created all the people of the world,

And you know each of us by name.

We thank you for Catherine Ellis,

Who celebrates the anniversary of her baptism.

Bless her with your love and friendship

That she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace.

May she love her family always

And be ever faithful to her friends.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Happy 21 months sweet girl! Your two year birthday is quickly approaching - hard to believe in so many ways.

January 9, 2011 - Silly Cat Cat!

We'll highlight 21 of the most fabulous things you're doing with one to grow on:
  • this is my favorite - when you want Mama or Dada to hold you - you say "hold you Mama/Dada" ... melts.my.heart.
  • you are starting to understand other people's emotions - if they are happy, sad, crying, etc.
  • your love of Cain and Emma continues to grow - you now must hug them both and say bye bye most every morning before we leave
  • you are mastering walking up and down steps - you still need to hold some one's hand, but if you had it your way you would do it on your own
  • your independence is shining through in most all activities - you want to peel your own orange, put on your socks, your shoes, etc.
  • you speak well enough to tell most anyone what you need/want or are referencing
  • you are so friendly and loving - you hug every friend that comes in after you at school and most anyone else that you know well enough
  • you still LOVE (that's putting it lightly!) your pappie - we're not sure we'll ever get rid of it, but for now, we're still okay with you having it to sleep at night
  • you've learned Jesus Loves Me and can sing almost all of the song by yourself (thanks in large part to coaching from Meme)
  • you are growing like a weed - most of your 18 month clothes are now too short - we hope you are tall (Mama always wanted to be and Dada sure is!)
  • you are a huge helper around the house - tasks are something you master easily and quickly most of the time. You unload the groceries from the bags and help Mama put them away, you help Dada feed Cain/Emma at night, you assist with the folding of clothes.
  • you play well alone and with others - we've not been around you when you've met a stranger yet
  • you've experience a visit to both Chuck E Cheese and McWane Science Center in the past month - you loved them both.
  • You had your first haircut (finally!) on December 17th - your hair looks much better and we hope it beginning to thicken
  • you may very well have longer eyelashes than your Dada and that's hard to believe! You have gorgeous long flowing eyelashes that you have already learned to use to your advantage
  • you can count to 10 - sometimes you skip a number here or there, but most times you get the sequence correct
  • you are working on your ABC's - you can sing the song, but at this point you still miss a lot of the middle letters between ABC and XYZ
  • MINE - oh my! That's a word you've picked up and say about most things that either do or don't belong to you. Everything is mine or Catherine Ellis's ______
  • you love to help Mama cook dinner at night - you have a spot on the counter and often direct me on what to do next (wonder where on earth she gets this?)
  • you are a pretty decent lip syncer - it's hysterical to watch you lip sync to the songs on our favorite mixed CD that Dada made us for morning commutes - you have such emotion!
  • your face will tell it all - you have more looks and expressions than most adults and you know when to use them
  • you can say Big Sister and every time you do - you smile and giggle so sweetly - we shall see how long this lasts when she actually arrives!
Cat Cat working on her 'Cheese!' pose - we're making progress!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. - Psalm 118:1

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