Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Eve at our house for the first time ever - it was a lot of fun! We filled the day with a trip to Chuckie Cheese, our Christmas Eve service at church and then a few new traditions for the Cain family. We had a wonderful day!

These are pictures from the days leading up to Christmas - Santa preparing gifts, CE leaving cookies and milk and the arrival of Santa:

Santa working in his workshop (aka guest bedroom)

Playing with Dada at Chuckie Cheese

Playing basketball with Dada

Leaving Santa cookies and milk

Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning we all slept until 9:00 a.m. - Catherine Ellis blessed us this break by sleeping late - until 8:30 or 9:00 almost every morning - over stimulation from all the toys and we think a growth spurt! It was bliss:) So we got a late start and took our time playing in CE's new kitchen - she was so excited! It was so much fun to watch her eyes light up - oh the life of a child!

"Oh no Mama!" Catherine Ellis didn't understand what happened to Santa's cookies & milk

Align CenterWashing our hands in our new pink retro kitchen

Making some toast for Dada

Calling Pop Pop to tell him about my kitchen - every kitchen needs a phone right?

Making smoothies

Sitting at my big girl table and chairs

We packed up around lunch and headed to Jasper to the Cains - in the snow! That's right .... for the first time in my life it snowed on Christmas day! There wasn't much accumulation here, but it was delightful to watch (the best kind in my opinion!). We arrived in Jasper safely and continued Christmas with a yummy meal and lots more presents for our girl:

Violet - my new interactive puppy dog from Aunt Stace

Catherine Ellis's face cracked us up - she acted like opening gifts was such a task

Surrounded by all my gifts from the Cains - thank you Pop Pop, Gan and Aunt Stace

And this sums up Christmas perfectly - our cup runneth over (in so many ways!) but especially with baby dolls - we've been overtaken by babies. And yes, she insisted they all ride with her for our ride home!

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  1. Love the Christmas tutu! That is too too precious!!!