Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year/Pre-Christmas Celebration

Happy New Year from the Cains! We're looking forward to 2011 and know that great things are in store! We're a bit behind since we've traveled 5 out of the 7 days this past week - but they were all great trips and lots of fun!

Catherine Ellis is still not aware of what Christmas is except for Baby Jesus is coming (which is Christmas to her and fine by us!) - the Santa part she doesn't get and we think it'll be at least one more Christmas before she can understand the concept. She still loved opening presents this year - the wrapping paper didn't go straight to her mouth like last year and she actually understood what most of her gifts were!

To spare you the longest post ever I'm going to do three posts: Pre-Christmas (this post), Christmas and Post-Christmas. We are very blessed to have families and friends that love our child so much - thank you to all that made this past holiday season truly magical for our little one!

We kicked off our holidays with Catherine Ellis's Christmas Party at school:

Showing baby Alex how to clap

We're having a party today???

Daddy and CE at the party

We left the Christmas party and headed straight to Christmas at Meme's:

Working on the wrapping paper

Oh my! It's a cozy coup baby stroller!

I love it Meme! Thank you!

Helping Daddy and Uncle Drew assemble the stroller

Taking Honey for a test stroll

Feeding the new baby a ba-ba (bottle)

Ride a little horsey - my new rocking horse from Meme!

Uncle Drew, Catherine Ellis and Aunt Kim

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