Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Greats - Aunt B and Uncle C

I sure love my Aunt B and Uncle C - they are so much fun and they sure spoil me (that's what greats are supposed to do!)! We always have so much fun together! My last Christmas celebration was with my Greats and boy did we end things with a bang - I had a great time opening up my final selection of gifts and even wondered at the end - aren't there more? Shocker for a little girl that had 4 Christmas'!

Yesterday was my Uncle C's birthday - I called and said very softly (I'm really loud until we pick up the phone to call someone and then I'm shy) "Happy Birthday Uncle Chip!" - I sure like birthdays - that's a post for later this week! And I sure love my Uncle Chip!

Two peas in a pod

We'll hit the highlights of my favorite things from my Christmas with Aunt B and Uncle C:

Red ankle boots - like Gossie's!

Walking my fancy walk with my new boots

I've got this modeling thing down pat

Making sure my boots stay put

Soap for my tub babies

Enjoying my "Brown Bear Brown Bear" book

You mean this is it? No more presents?

The finale! I sure love my new pink red rider tricycle - with it's very own bell to ring!

Last but not least, loving my B and feeding my new babies - Thank you Greats for my wonderful Christmas!

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