Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday II

It's Friday and time to flashback! The highlight of the week this week was Caroline's 4 month check-up. She's doing well and hitting all of her developmental skills right on target - we're so proud:) She's doing so much better since the C-word is gone and it gets more fun every day watching her little personality come to life! Here are her stats from her 4 month check-up:

13.3 lbs (that's 2 lbs gained since our 2 month visit)

24 inches long (that's an inch and a half longer than she was at her 2 month visit)

And her head is still above average - big ole round Cain head, ha!

She was a trooper with her shots this time and did well that night, but the next day was pretty fussy, bless her heart. She got 4 shots and one oral for a total of 5 - that's a lot of medicine for a tiny little baby, but she weathered it well.

For our flashback Friday I thought it might be fun to compare pictures of Caroline and Catherine Ellis at the same age doing the same things - enjoy!

Catherine Ellis bye bye buggy - 5 months

Caroline bye bye buggy - 4 months

Catherine Ellis Bumbo seat - 4 months

Caroline Bumbo seat - 4 months

Catherine Ellis grabbing her feet - 4 months

Caroline grabbing her feet - 4 months

Catherine Ellis smiling in outfit - 4 months (it's on backwards)

Caroline smiling in same outfit (it's on correctly this time!) - 4 months

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  1. I love the backwards/forwards outfit - classic mix-up :)