Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My sweet god daughter ....

It's official - I'm a godmother! To one of the most precious little girls besides my own, Pailet Liles! What an honor and a job that I take very seriously....I have fabulous godmothers who are still involved in my life and have witnessed many of my big life moments with me. I plan to be very involved in Pailet's life ... not only praying for her daily, but being there, watching her grow and love life.

Pailet and GMama Megann

Pailet, her fabulous mama and one of my dearest friends, and her big brother came to visit us on Sunday - what a treat!! It had been several weeks since I'd seen Pailet and boy has she grown. This child is such a snuggle bunny and scrumptious -every inch I tell you!

Catherine Ellis and Hill had THE best time playing together at Davenports Sunday night - our usual spot. Allison was a trooper and played single Mom for a couple of hours while Eric was at home working away and bravely brought both kiddos to dinner and we all survived. As I always say - it takes a village! And we're sure glad the Liles are a part of ours. Love you Liles family!

They were bouncing up and down all over the booth ... fun times for sure!

How cute are they??!!??

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  1. So much fun! Glad your Davenports adventure went well :)