Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, October 10, 2011

30 months

There is only one thing I want to highlight about Catherine Ellis as she turned 30 months on Sunday - see if you notice the difference:

Before ...

After ...

That's right - our big girl is wearing big girl panties! And YES, this is worthy of shouting to the rooftops - our girl is almost completely potty trained!! Today was her first full day at school with her panties and she was dry all day!! We are SO proud!

We are still wearing pull-ups for nighttime and nap time - although most every nap she wakes up dry - those times are just harder to stay dry and if I don't have to change sheets two or three times a day it truly makes me a better Mommy, ha!

So, next time you see our girl - ask her what her big news is!! She will gladly tell you (who are we kidding, she'll gladly show you too!) all about her big girl panties! What a milestone - we'll keep you posted as we knock this transition out!

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