Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just the beginning ...

We are just beginning some new things with sweet Caroline - she has decided since Catherine Ellis graduated to big girl panties last week that she needed to graduate to a few milestones herself!

They are:

Rice Cereal - that's right, we tried our first bowl with a bit of breast milk on Sunday - I think she liked it - what do you think?

Anticipating the first yummy bite!

First bite goes in ....

What was THAT???

I might like it ...

Coming out of my bumbo for some more!

Want some Daddy?!?

I got this lady!

The beloved exersaucer - David, Catherine Ellis and I all loved this thing when Catherine Ellis was Caroline's age - it keeps a baby busy for a long time and for the most part content! Caroline tried it out Sunday as well and was in it for almost an hour!

A bit bewildered by all there is to play with ....

Big showing Little the ropes ....

Hum, that book looks interesting ...

A little reading at 5 months, ha!

Big Sister trying to steal the limelight by showing
her big girl panties
(never a dull moment here!)

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