Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aunt Wren

We had a delightful visit from Aunt Wren this past weekend - what a treat! Catherine Ellis always has such a good time with Wren - Wren is so good at playing make believe - just wait till you see where they went grocery shopping on Saturday (ingenious!). It was a gorgeous day that we spent almost all of outside playing in the sunshine and breeze!

Grocery shopping at our form of Publix in our backyard

Learning about wild mushrooms -
thank goodness Wren is an environmental educator!

Surveying her grocery bag ... rocks, leaves,
flowers, weeds and mushrooms

Almost too busy to stop for a quick pic ...

Nothing like a little cheek love ...

Sweet Caroline was happy to see Aunt Wren too - heck we were just all thrilled that Wren was seeing her happy!! The last time Wren was here (when Caroline was 11 weeks) we were still in the troughs of c-o-l-i-c and our home wasn't necessarily a happy home when Caroline was awake. Bless her little heart! But that's all over and she was her little delightful self on Saturday and a treat for us all!

Wren and sweet Caroline

Like stars that shine in the heavens,

A godmother’s endless love,

Lights the way for her godchild,

As the lord gives a nod from above.

She was chosen because of her goodness,

And too, for her gentle side.

But also because her godchild,

Could view her with love and pride.

For she is a perfect example

Of all that a person should be,

A kind and a caring guardian

Standing by for eternity!

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