Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, October 15, 2012

17 months - Caroline

Happy Happy 17 months Sweet C!  We can't believe how independent and spunky you are sweet child!  It seems like just a few short months ago that you were a tiny newborn - time flies when you're having fun - and that's your favorite activity these days!

17 months - October 15, 2012

Here are 17 wonderful things you're up to these days, with one to grow on (of course!):
  • you are SO much fun!  You've got the spunkiest little personality - and we LOVE it!  We must confess we weren't so sure "spunk" would be a word we'd use to describe you, but once again you've proved Mommy and Daddy wrong and it's good that you did!  You need LOADS of spunk to get by in this family:)
  • you sleep well - you have your nights every once in a while like we all do - but you are a consistent 7:00 p.m. - 6:00-7:00 a.m.  We'll take it!  You still let us rock you most nights for a few minutes while we sing and even if you're still awake when we lay you down you don't cry.  This has been a HUGE blessing.  You've been this way since you were were about 8-9 months old.
  • you don't nap as well as you sleep at night - but that's okay.  You average about 1.5 hours, but some days you're more in the hour range and some days you'll sleep 2 - we really love those days:) 
  • you have an appetite like none we've seen before and we thought your sister ate well:)  You LOVE food (you get it honest my child), but as you're aging you're starting to become a bit more picky.  Your favorite foods at this moment:  cottage cheese, mac and cheese, string cheese (do you see a pattern here?), strawberries, bananas, yogurt, spaghetti, pancakes and just last week we added pumpkin muffins.
  • your hair is getting darker and darker - however, there still isn't much of it.  Poor Daddy:)
  • you now have 12 teeth!  You just finished cutting 6 at one time (including two molars).  We think you were a real champ.  Mommy thinks it was your amber necklace that you wear (except when at school).  We're real new-age around here these days.  The looks your daycare teachers gave your Mommy when she told them what it was are looks to remember - they think your Mommy is a freak:)
  • you walk well - it's the waddle walk.  We love it.  There is nothing like a new toddler walk.  Nothing.  Your run, it's a granny-like run.  It's adorable too.
  • you probably weigh about 26 lbs - Mommy forgot your 16 month well visit (oops!) so we go in a couple of weeks to get the recordable number, but for now we think you're close.  You're still short and round - the perfect way for a toddler to be.
  • you're wearing 18 months clothes - they are a little long (hence the "short" part of your build), but you wear them well.
  • you ADORE Cain and Emma - you're growing on them as well.  They tolerate you chasing them for hugs and kisses every morning.  Sweet pups.
  • you are super mischievous - you love getting your sister all worked up.  It's not in the least how we imagined you'd turn out, but for now you give sissy a run for her money and it's good for her:)  
  • you are into EVERYTHING - like every other toddler your age.  You love to make a mess.  You can totally tell your path because you leave destruction no matter where you go.
  • you're a climber - have been since the early days.  You still love to climb up on the table, squeal and giggle - Mommy and Daddy haven't had major strokes yet - as long as you don't become a jumper, we're good.
  • you've just gotten into baby dolls in the last month or so.  You love to carry them everywhere.  The morning rides to school are filled with you talking to them - you have serious conversations and often end up tossing one before it's all over.  You love to push them in buggies, strollers, anything that rolls.
  • you and Sissy fight over the same doll daily.  There are at last 25 dolls in this house and you both have to have Susie.  We may cut her in half soon - the screaming and shoving war that breaks out is enough of a glimpse of what the teenage years will be like (over clothes we're sure) that your Daddy and I can only tolerate so much.
  • you're the youngest in your class, but you're a tough one.  They call you "Scrappy" at school.  Lovely.  But, if you're getting bitten and pushed around daily, we're glad you're learning to take care of yourself.
  • you're the most beautiful, fun-loving, spunky, hysterical and sweet 17 month old we know.  We're SO glad God blessed us with you. 

 "For I am confident of this very thing, 
that He who began a good work in you 
will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." 

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