Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Toes in the sand

We headed to the beach in September and it was GLORIOUS!  We've never been in the "off-season" and I must say it the best time to go.  The weather was gorgeous - still warm enough to be warm, but not so hot you're melting and the crowds were gone.

We've not been to the beach since Catherine Ellis was two - so we were due!  This was Caroline's first beach trip and boy did she love it.  They both had a wonderful time - neither was scared of the ocean or the sand and Caroline was a trooper and able to stay on the beach for a couple of hours without growing bored.

We stayed at a family friend's condo in Orange Beach and the views were amazing - they are on the top floor (15th) and every morning we got to see the endless ocean in all it's glory.  It was an amazing trip - we ate well, slept well and had a wonderful time being together as a family.  We have already planned our trip for next summer!

The amazing view - Cat Cat is searching for dolphins

Sweet C's first day at the beach - thank goodness for our tent and inflatable pool!

This was C's face almost every time we hit the ocean - she was elated!

C just knew she could swim - it was a job to keep her from diving in face-first!

They ran into the ocean for hours - it was so fun to "jump" the waves!

C was overjoyed - she was fearless and loved the water ....

Contemplating a plunge

Ohhhhhhhh - she said this a lot

CE enjoying the surf

Daddy and his main squeeze ....

Collecting seashells in the morning tide 

Mama and her girls

Heaven on earth

One of the many seashells we found 

Sisters working together to find sea shells


  1. How much fun! Maybe we can scheme and coordinate our timing for 2013 . . . Brown-Cain Beach Week would dominate.

  2. Oh lady - this looks amazing. Is Caroline wearing CE's yellow suit that had a matching hat? And I love that inflatable pool -- what a great idea, even if C didn't stay in it all that long. Cannot wait until June 2013!!