Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Pop Pop!

Today is Pop Pop's birthday - man, do we love this guy!  David has a wonderful father that continues living out his legacy by being a wonderful grandfather.  The girls ADORE Pop Pop.  As most of you know, Sam works in South America and is only home one week a month - but this doesn't stop him from being involved - he calls weekly to check in and a favorite activity for both girls is walking around talking on their toy cell phones to Pop Pop - if you ever ask, that is who they are always talking to.  A wonderful example of not letting distance rule your life.  That's one of many examples this man has passed on to his son and now his grandchildren. 

I told David jokingly one day that I married him for his Dad - :)  Of course there are many other reasons, but Sam Cain is a wonderful man of strong faith, big heart, lots of fun, laughter and joy and the most delightful Pop Pop in this world - we are mighty blessed to have him in our lives!  Happy, Happy Birthday to you Pop Pop!  We all love you so very much.

My favorite .... they were cracking up at Daddy ... (original artwork by Cat Cat)

The very first picture I snapped - typical that no one is looking, etc.

 Childrenʼs children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. Prov. 17:6

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