Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Galore!

The girls had lots and lots of fun being spoiled rotten by grandparents, aunts and uncles, god-parents and us - it's a lot of fun to watch them have so much fun with a fresh new set of fun things to play with!  It also means I need to clean out the current stash so we can add all the new and exciting loot!

First stop was Gran and Pop's - they got baby dolls and dress up clothes and puzzles - just to name a few! Of course the baby dolls and dress up clothes were the hit:

 Sophia the First light up dress

 More princess dress up items

 Baby alive for Caroline

 Baby Alive for Catherine Ellis

 Caroline loves her baby!

 Giddy about dressing up!

Bossing her baby

Catherine Ellis and her princess dress up get up

Next up was Christmas at Meme's - more babies, baby clothes, laundry baskets, ironing board, highchair for all the babies, DVD players for long road trips, scarves and all sorts of fun stuff!:

 AU and AL scarves

 Baby doll highchair

 Makeup and hairbrushes
from Sam and Virginia

 Brushing yet another baby doll

 Make up is one of Catherine Ellis's favorites

 Meme got an iPad - watch out world!

 Daddy got an Orca cooler for all his ducks and beer

Eating ice cream in PJS - a favorite past-time

There are lots of other wonderful gifts we received from many other sweet, dear friends and family, but I didn't always have my camera (shocking I know!) - so if you gave us a gift please know how very thankful we are not only for your sweet gift, but for your friendship, love and support!  Our little ladies are sure blessed to have so many wonderful folks in their lives!

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