Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Time is always flying!  Every day I think how can the day be over? - then the weeks fly by and the months and we're looking at the New Year.  2014?!  2013 was a great year for the Cains - one for the books!  Not that every year isn't a great year, but this year we hit some major life highlights.  We are SO blessed and SO thankful for the grace and mercy of our Lord.

Our highlights for 2013:
  • Catherine Ellis turned 4 and Caroline turned 2 - this year has been such a good time.  These are great ages that allow for a fair amount of independence and for us to be on the go doing fun things. We feel like we've entered the kingdom of childhood that is full throttle and usually so much fun! 
  • David got a new job that we are most thankful for.  We spent many years praying for the right door to open and it did in May!  He's learning a whole new field that we hope will move him forward.  He's learning and growing everyday and we're thankful he's in a place where he is appreciated.
  • We sold our house -our beloved 10th Avenue South home that we lived in for a decade.  Good times there.  We're excited about finding our new home this spring!
  • I got a new job - bittersweet.  Love my YW so much, but my CEO retired and it was the perfect time for me to also stretch and grow and learn a new area of fundraising.  UAB has been great so far!
  • We celebrated a week at the beach with some of our most favorite people on the earth - the Liles family!  It was sheer delight most of the time - four children under four is always a good time, but it sure is LOUD!
  • We made our first girls trip to Charlotte to visit Frances Grace and celebrate her second birthday.  It was a whirlwind and a long drive, but we survived thanks to Aunt Holly and it was worth every minute.  Lesson learned: don't park an SUV on an incline when it's almost empty.  
  • My two god-daughters are growing leaps and bounds and I'm so thankful they are a part of my lives. It sure wouldn't be the same without them!
  • Our sweet and dear friends the Dickens adopted their precious son, Mack.  Y'all - this was probably the top highlight of our year.  We've been praying and believing that this little boy would join their family for a long time. The Dickens faith is incredible and we're fortunate they are a part of our village.
  • Several of my dear friends from Camp McDowell all had their babies within months of each other - Jenny and Wren were within days - so fun to wait for the arrival of these wee ones and watch them grow.  I'm so thankful for technology that makes the miles from West Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina seem not so far!
  • I got to fly to West Virginia and spend time with Sara and meet Miss Laurel - what a joy this little girl is!  It was a delight to spend a few days with some of my favorite people!
  • David was confirmed as a member of the Episcopal Church. St. Mary's-on-the-Highlands is so dear to us.  We are so thankful for our church family.
  • I ran three 5K's this year - hoping for a half marathon this year!  Cain, Emma, Dobby and Amanda (human) are great training buddies - love our pups!
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepard certification in Level One has brought a childlike wonder back to my faith.  Thank you Emily for inviting me to finally finish what I started seven years ago!
  • The birth of Parker Evans - the girls ADORE her and try to steal her every time we see her.  What a blessing the Evans have been in our lives.
I really could go on and on!  We're looking forward to a wonderful 2014 full of peaks and valleys that will enrich our lives!

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