Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Santa stopped at our house!

We didn't spent a ton of time and energy focusing on Santa, but we certainly looked forward to his visit!  We have an elf as I've mentioned before and it was super fun to see what Elvis came up with next.  The girls got a big kick out of him and while they don't much care for Santa - they did get very excited about preparing for him to visit.  For us, it's fun and a part of the overall Advent/Christmas season that we celebrate.

Christmas morning the girls slept until 8:00 - have I mentioned what I think is the best perk of the holiday season?  We are on the go and having so much fun that the girls sleep late for weeks during the season - we LOVE it! - but as soon as they were up they wanted to know if Santa had stopped by (read: Catherine Ellis, Caroline still isn't real sure what all the fuss is about).

They waited patiently at the door so I could capture them running in:

Think it's safe to say they were pleased - they eat got three toys (baby bathtubs for their baby dolls, books, doll, stroller, train set and washer/dryer set with an ironing board to match their kitchen area.  They washed and dried clothes and babies to their little hearts content!  

Pop came by for a quick visit to take the pups for us for the rest of the week and to play with the girls  They always enjoy a Pop visit!

We also made a birthday cake for baby Jesus to contribute to our Christmas dinner with my family - then we hit the road to the big AC!

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