Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Epiphany & the 12th Day of Christmas

Christmas is over - we are SO sad.  Caroline cried and cried as David took our tree out and tossed it to be recycled "Daddy that's my Chrimah tree, noooooo!"  I'll be honest, I always feel a little sad too - sad that the adoration of the season and the "slowness" of Advent are gone.  I don't so much miss the hustle and bustle of "cultural Christmas" although it's a love/hate for me because I do love seeing so many friends and families and celebrating fabulous traditions that only happen once a year.  There is just something about Christmas. It's hard to see it go.

Yesterday we celebrated Epiphany - the coming of the three wise men to visit baby Jesus.  Another magical time in our celebration.  We celebrated with the Feast of Epiphany at church last tonight and boy was it a good time! While we didn't get to have our "planned" celebration (there was going to be a camel the three wise men rode in on - who knew that camels don't come out in windy conditions?!) we still had a smaller version of the bonfire and a twelfth night party complete with a visit from the three wise men for the kiddos. Lots of fire - which is so mesmerizing to little ones and a bit nerve-racking for parents :)

 Getting ready to throw a branch from our Christmas tree in the bonfire!

 Our smaller bonfire was in a fire pit - it still got crazy big 
with the wind from the cold front blowing in

 Crazy fire ...

Happy Epiphany folks!  

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