Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beach bums

We spent the last week of July in Orange Beach and boy was it a blast!  The girls have been talking about going back to the beach since our trip with the Liles' last summer.  It took too long to get back - that's for sure!

We arrived late afternoon on a Saturday and pretty much had the beach to ourselves, ate a picnic dinner and really enjoyed the best time of the day....chasing daylight.

Slice of heaven on earth

We also celebrated this guy's birthday at the beach.  Nothing like two super excited kiddos who want nothing more than ice cream cake for breakfast to greet you in the morning!

Happy birthday Daddy!

Diggin' away

Dinner at Wolf Bay - always a favorite

Mama catching some rays

Sweet sisters - they had such a good time together!

We powered through nap time each day - so this one was typically asleep on the way to dinner

Can't believe how big my first-born has gotten - stop growing!

The Cain ladies

Snack monster right here - you know she's ours:)

Family selflie

The ocean was super calm the entire time we were there.  It was like the lake, but cooler and with salt. Perfect for the girls to swim and play in...Caroline wants to do everything Catherine Ellis does, so it made for some adventures in the water - she's a thrill-seeker that one!

Someone else really special celebrated a milestone birthday while we were at the beach - Mack!  He turned one a few days after David and it was so much fun to spend a few hours with him and his parents.  Sure love those Dickens. Thanks for driving to OB to visit!

Brock and CE

Mack and the ladies

Some of our most favorite people

CE and the gorgeous birthday boy

Erica, Caroline and Mack


Selfie with Mack

Aunt Betty and Uncle Chip let us stay at their place for our adventure - thank you!!  So they joined us the last two days of our trip to spend some time with the girls.  I know they needed a vacation after the tail-end of our vacation.  The girls worked them hard and had such a good time!

The Greats and the girls

Auntie B reading bedtime stories

Caroline put Uncle Chip to work.....

Building castles and diggin' holes

One worn out toddler...

Auntie B and her girls

We can't wait to do it again soon!  September is typically our favorite beach month, but now that we have a Kindergartner we're going to have to figure out another way to get down for a long weekend.  Until next time ......

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