Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Aunt Stace's Wedding

David's sister got married this weekend on what turned out to be a gorgeous weekend!  The forecast called for rain, but it ended up being sunny in the late afternoon and just perfect.  The girls have been SO excited for weeks now - this is the first wedding they've been intimately involved with - and they loved it!   

I assure you Caroline is not in pain - it's just her weird smile these days!

CE is our resident "poser" - always media ready, that one!  Look at pretty Stace!

Stacey looked so gorgeous in her wedding dress and the church was glowing with flowers and excitement.  Carrigon was the flower girl and quite the stunt performer to get herself out of photos - but we did manage to get a few with her in them.  The wedding photos are so gorgeous - and WAY better than these phone photos I'm sharing - but I couldn't wait to show them off!

A view from the back of the photographer's camera - see much better than mine!

CE supervising the photo shoot (she's her Mama's child, y'all)

The good looking Cain crew (love how Mama threw that hand on her hip)

Stacey and David

Carrigon photobombing - it tickled her so!

Jamie and Carrie

I caught her still once!

With Jamie

This next picture gives a pretty accurate view of what it was like to get al the kiddos smiling and standing still.  Makes me laugh - I have no idea where Caroline got the idea to hold her dress out - but hey, if it works, it works.  Aunt Stacey and Uncle Jamie are sure to have some good laughs from the photos of this crew.

We had the pleasure of seeing so many of David and Stacey's family that we don't get to see enough. Though the girls see Stella frequently, it's not enough for them.  They sure love Aunt Stella.

Aunt Stella and little mama

Catherine Ellis was very concerned about the kiss at the end and even covered her eyes - such a silly willy, that one.  She adores Jamie and is so excited he's officially a part of the family.

The reception was at the church and all we Cain ladies talked about all day was wedding cake - it's the best part!  The cakes were beautiful and yummy!

Drinking milk with their cake

They had quite a crowd of spectators 

It was a wonderful day, a beautiful ceremony and a great welcoming of Jamie into the Cain family and Stacey into the Woodley family!

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