Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bustin' 'bos

Yep, Catherine Ellis has been at it again - bustin' bos!  Monkey bars (I detest them!) + not listening=a broken elbow.  Labor Day weekend Catherine Ellis was visiting her grandparents and just couldn't wait for Pop to get to the monkey bars to help her - she jumped up, missed and the rest is history.

Yes, this is the same elbow she broke two and a half years ago and had to have surgery, pins, etc. Thank goodness this time we've steered clear of surgery.  She was released this week from surgery potential and got her second cast for the remainder of her healing time.  We're super thankful that we didn't have to go the surgery route again.

She was really excited, but had a twinge of sadness when she realized 
she was going to be taking it easy for a little while

She's been a good sport and because she didn't have surgery she's gotten a water-proof cast - how cool is that?!  So she can shower, bathe, swim, etc.  It's not slowed her down one bit except that she has to sit out of PE at school which is no fun.

Ready to hit the road

She got a blue cast the first two weeks and red for this last half!  Thanks for the prayers for her healing- she's making great progress and I won't be the least bit sad to wave good-bye to the orthopedic surgeon at Children's for what I hope is the last time (I probably just jinxed myself).

 It was wear orange day at school - but it's a precious Auburn 
outfit too!  Perfect for that red cast she's about to get

Excited about her red cast

In all seriousness, Catherine Ellis has made a no-fun situation very easy - she's complied for the most part and made the best of her limitations.  I'd do good to take a few notes from our five-year-old.  

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