Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DeSoto Caverns Field Trip - Final Pre-K Adventure

Catherine Ellis's Pre-K class had one last summer trip before school started and they chose DeSoto Caverns.  I was the lucky parent that got to chaperone and while I wasn't too excited about it, it was really neat.  I had not visited DeSoto Caverns since I was in middle school - so it was time and so much has changed.  It's a great little slice of unbelievable nature in our very own backyard.

Cute little welcome center

The history

CE and Dylan

Miss these wees so!

Gorgeous caverns

Class photo with Ms. Megan

 Panning for gold (rocks)

Her treasures

Riding the rides with Anne Carter and her Daddy

Splash pad fun to cool off before heading home

We had a wonderful last field trip with very special friends.  It was so hard to say goodbye - I think I might have cried harder than Catherine Ellis.  Rushton was a wonderful place for her to stretch, grow and learn and her class was SO close - every day they hugged each other good morning and goodbye.  They were the most caring little friends.  I  pray she finds the same type of friends at her new school!   We will certainly cherish our time at Rushton and our Pre-K year.

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