Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014


Catherine Ellis is free to run with wild abandon again!  She got her cast off Tuesday morning and by the time I picked her up from school that afternoon she was full throttle on the playground - running, flipping, swinging and full of joy.  It's been five long weeks of no recess or playground time for her and I don't think she realized how much she missed it until she had it back.  She's been the best sport about having a cast - so she deserves the joy of freedom!

Ready for the cast to come off!

 Watching closely to be sure he doesn't "cut her arm off"

 Pure delight to be getting rid of the cast

This is the fourth cast she's had cut off, but it's still scary.  However, you can tell she's more excited than frightened, but she kept a close eye on our friend who was doing the cutting.

And here she is - cast free once again!  Let's just hope this is the last one for a really, really long time. She's not completely out of the woods - so has to go back in four weeks to make sure her joint isn't locked.  We're working with her to bend, stretch and use her arm more and arm every day.  In fact, she's cheerleading tomorrow night with the varsity cheerleaders for her first high school football game experience!  Go big or go home!


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  1. cheerleading with the big girls? What?!?!
    May this be the last cast of her life. Please, Lord!