Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick .... Boom!

Thus far kindergarten has offered many next experiences!  The varsity cheerleaders offer a little cheer clinic for K-5 students and Catherine Ellis decided to give it a whirl.  The first day of clinic she still had her cast, but her second day she was free.  She really enjoyed the clinics and was very excited about cheering on the field with her new friends.

I asked her to share with me what she had learned, but it was all top secret (at least that's how she managed the message).  I could hear her chanting at night in the tub, so I knew she'd learned a few things at least!

Dinner with Archer before the game!

I think many of you know Catherine Ellis does NOT like a mascot or anything dressed up for that matter.  Honestly, I'd not thought about the team mascot and the fact that he might be around.  A few nights before the game Catherine Ellis got out of bed and ran into the kitchen and said "Mommy, is there going to a mascot?" I was caught off guard so I quickly said, probably not and she said, "Well if there is, I don't want to cheer."  Can't argue with that.  But, she never brought it up again and neither did I.

Archer man joined us for our night out on the town.  It was the girls first high school football game and they were pumped and eager for a friend to join us.  We headed to our favorite pizza joint for a bite before the game and then off we went.  The kids were mesmerized.  Especially Caroline and Archer.  Lots to take in.  We sat next to the marching band, so they got the full effect.  

Precious wees!

Daddy and CE

Focused on all the fun

Second quarter arrived quickly and next thing you know there were hundreds of wee ones out on the field.  Catherine Ellis did the first few cheers and then I think she was so overwhelmed she just couldn't deal with the rest of them.  She stayed engaged but was crying and ready to come off the field by the end of the quarter.  She was a trooper and it was a LOT to take in.  It was all better though when we saw sweet Ms. Krueger!  CE's always been able to redirect like a champ!

First cheer, smiling and loving it!

Little mama and Daddy watching sister!

She's over it at this point and searching for us...

There were a hundred mamas and daddies lining the fence, so we were able to get a few shots and one of her kindergarten group.  Cute kiddos!

And I managed to catch a few seconds of her "cheering!"

Her sweet cheerleader was so kind - she made sure Catherine Ellis found us quickly because she was upset and ready to get off the field.  Catherine Ellis talked about her all week and wanted a picture with her after the game.

And then Miss Krueger saved the day!  I'm so glad we bumped into her because it cheered an overwhelmed CE right back up!

CE and Miss Krueger

It was a fun night - we're already looking forward to attending another football game soon!  Yay for another new experience!
CE and Archer

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