Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little girl with a curl.....

Caroline finally had her very first haircut this past weekend - she's almost three and a half and hasn't needed one until now.  It takes the Cain ladies a while to grow their hair, but eventually it shows up! They are both bound to have plenty with as much hair as both David and I have.

Caroline was very curious at first and watched while Catherine Ellis got her hair did.  Catherine Ellis has had her hair professionally cut three times now and is a pro - she told Caroline she'd go first and show her how to act.  As you'll see in the pictures, Caroline didn't pay much attention and acted like her usual wild self!

 Taking it all in .....

Thank goodness the salon was mostly empty - in two hours time we about tore the place down. Caroline managed to get color on her hands and legs that we had to scrub off, picked up every hairdryer and comb she could get her hands on and carried almost every magazine from the waiting area back to our chairs in case we wanted to look at something.  Never a dull moment with this one!

 Being silly while waiting on Cat to finish

Caroline's turn finally came and I'm not sure who was happier to have her in the chair, me or Miss Brittney!  She was so excited and not the least bit afraid, thanks to her great big sister who paved the way.

 Before her hair cut - her fro' had gotten quite large - it needed some TLC

Next up was shampoo time and she had a blast - she wiggled and giggled and put on a show for Miss Brittney.  She's never, ever still - not even when she sleeps, y'all!

 Loving the warm water

 Getting all suds-upped!

She would stop every few minutes and say "take my picture mommy!"  Hopefully one day they will appreciate how they have been trained to love photos - it's the only way I know how to document the whirlwind of the Cain ladies.  Caroline is usually fickle about photos, but she wasn't this particular day.

 Her suds do....

Rinse time came and she wasn't so sure - she's like her Mama and wears her expressions on her face. She's a comedian, this one.  

 Being a nut....

She loved her towel crown.  Very special!  Isn't that the most regal smile?

Next up we bribed her with sprite (a real treat!) and candy to be still - I'll let you figure out below if she was still.  Miss Brittney is super talented to be able to give a haircut to a wild wee.  And thank goodness it's curly - it's harder to mess up!

 Admiring herself....

She laughed, cut up, covered her face, turned her head, jumped up and down and still somehow managed to get a great haircut.  She loved every single minute!  And her fro' wasn't nearly as tall and her curls looked much better with that first haircut!

 Loving every minute....

It's amazing how long her hair was wet - way past her shoulders.  But it was all very thin, fine and dead.  It needed to go.

Long hair when it's wet and straight.... 

She kept herself busy by making faces in the mirror.  Catherine Ellis and I spent the entire time laughing so hard at her.  Caroline LOVES to entertain.

Here's a little video of her first haircut and how "still" she was being:

And there she is saying she's so pretty:

The end result - a shorter fro' for Caroline and a cute big girl hair cut for Catherine Ellis!

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  1. They're so beautiful, Megann. That Caroline, Lord, she's a hoot!! I love how different your girls are from one another. What a fun house you have.