Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

6...and counting

As soon as I type that we're six weeks out, I'm sure I'll jinx us, but just like everything else in life -we'll eventually get where we need to be, it's just probably not going to be on our timeline:)  So, the house is coming along.  We've been moved back about three weeks, but big picture that's okay. We're very ready to have a home to call ours, so we're a bit frustrated, but we understand this is all part of the process of waiting on lots of folks to come together and make your home livable.

We have the hardwoods down - they'll be finished once everything is installed, but I thought they looked so pretty natural too!  They are covered in trim and trash now, but the weekend they installed them gave us a great glimpse of what was is come!

The house has been painted twice now - it will receive one more final coat before we move in.  The color has turned out really nice!

The front of the house - bit of a shadow, but a better picture with the paint on the wood!

We've been going for a farmhouse type look - the trim is all craftsman and unique - the doors are five panel and we can't wait to see it all come together with paint and hardware.

 Doors (single)

 Trim around windows - hard to see in this one, but it's so pretty

 Door trim

The brick masons have started and just about completed their outside work.  They move to the inside sometime this week we hope.

 Front porch coming along

 Back patio steps to kitchen and master bedroom

We've had the opportunity to use our creative side and bring some unique character to the house. While it will be new, we want it to have an older look and one way we've done that is through reclaimed wood.  There is a warehouse here that specializes in reclaimed wood and it's a hidden treasure.  I happened upon it on social media one day and the rest is history.

We are incorporating the reclaimed wood on our kitchen island, built-in kitchen bench (will run alongside our farm house table) and our drop-zone/mud-area next to the laundry room.  We've visualized the look, talked with the carpenter and from here we just wait for it to come together - aka "living on the wild side" for a planner like me.  

Our mantle is also reclaimed wood that was found at the bottom of Mobile bay.  It had been living there for almost 100 years.  

 Elmore Pine - this wood will be used on the kitchen island and eat-in bench area. It's from General Elmore's House in Elmore County.

 Painted pine - this will be used in the drop-zone/mud area next to the laundry room

Mobile Bay Swamp Log - mantle in the downstairs den

Below is a glimpse of our built-in's - they are coming along - can't wait to see them all complete!

Eat-in bench area for kitchen (the lids open for storage!) 

 Drop-zone/Mud Area (bench, shelves)

 Close up of the built-in bookshelves in the den

 They are the perfect fit for that space!  I know we'll love having the storage!

And last, but not least, they are beginning to lay the tile. 

 Laundry room tile

Master shower tile

Master bath floor tile

The house has come a long way since the last pictures you saw - so that's good right?  This week should be a big week as the cabinets will finally be installed - for the love.  We understand once they are in everyone gets busy as little bees.  Let's hope so.  December will be here before we know it!


  1. Megann - it's gorgeous!! I love that reclaimed wood. I can't believe after 100 years in water it's still usable. I'm so excited for y'all and cannot wait to try out the guest room!!

  2. Well done and congratulation! Great choices. Thanks for sharing