Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 Months

I simply can not believe my sweet baby is 4 months old today -- where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday she was eating 16 times a day, sleeping most of the day, and keeping Mommy and Daddy up all hours of the night. I can remember holding her at only a few weeks old and thinking to myself "I will never forget how small she is!" Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled she is growing and healthy, but there are days I wish she was my little Butterball turkey that fit right in the middle of my chest.

What we wake up to every morning (well most mornings!)

She's no longer that small -- but she's still tiny and we are enjoying her so much. This is most of what she is doing at 4 months:

  • She's smiling a ton -- almost anything you say to her, she smiles back at you (it melts our hearts!)
  • She's laughing out loud -- it's a soft giggle, but so cute
  • She's learning to make noises with her mouth
  • She's very perceptive -- watching everything around her
  • She's a great sleeper at night (she averages 8-10 hours between feedings now) -- we're still working on day time napping
  • She loves to ride in the car
  • She loves the water -- pool, lake, ocean, bath tub
  • She's well socialized -- we have day care to thank for this -- tons of people hold her throughout the day and she has a very diverse class
  • She has just started grabbing and holding onto objects
  • She can stand on her feet with help
  • She loves her Bumbo seat -- it allows her to sit up
  • She can hold her neck up and tries really hard to sit up at all times
  • She's very active -- kicking her legs and moving her arms at all times
  • She's discovered her hands and is constantly holding her hands
  • She's teething -- started at 15 weeks -- she has 2 buds on her top and 2 buds on her bottom
  • She loves the changing table -- you could leave her there all day and she'd be content
  • She really watches Cain and Emma -- she laughs at Cain a lot -- he talks to her all the time and she finds him funny. We know they will be best buds in about another year or so.
  • She's LONG -- her legs hang off of me when I hold her and they are to the end of her car seat.
  • Rolling over to one side -- mostly her right side
  • Sucking on her fingers, hands, both hands, whatever will fit in her mouth
  • She's a great eater -- imagine that!
  • Still not much hair, but we're working on that
Here are some pics of the things she is doing at 4 months:

Holding onto Mr. Parrot on her play gym

Hanging out with Caleb (7 months)

Sitting in my Bumbo seat

Riding in the buggy with my friend, Josephine (7 months)

What a joy she is! I can't imagine our lives without her and we're so thankful each and every day that she is healthy! God has truly blessed us -- our cup runneth over.

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