Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Wedding

Catherine Ellis attended her first wedding this weekend! A former student of mine, Jacoby Kindred, was married on Saturday afternoon and we took Catherine Ellis. She was wide eyed and bushy tailed up until we arrived and then she became sleepy.

We arrived to find that all children 6 and under must go to the nursery during the ceremony .... ... I'm going to let you guess what we did ...... if you know either of us, you know we weren't going to leave our pride and joy with people we didn't know .... so Daddy and daughter had some great bonding time in the church lobby while I attended the ceremony.

We then headed to the reception at the Winfrey, Catherine Ellis slept for a while but awakened to lots of music and fun. We had our first stranger come up and ask if she could hold the baby. We figured it would be okay and we want her to socialize, so socialize she did. This woman was so funny -- she just took her and walked her around the reception like she was her baby .... everyone was stopping her to see Catherine Ellis, not only because she was so cute, but because they all knew she was not her grandbaby -- this woman was black -- it was hysterical! The lady was really nice and it made her day to walk around with her, so we were good sports. Catherine Ellis never cried and loved every minute of it! She was worn out by the time we headed home ... she never ceases to amaze us at how easy going and good natured she is ... she's a delight!

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